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impulse current generator sur 1ka

support multi language, convenient for different users

impulse current generator sur 1ka

product overview

the intelligent lightning surge generator sur 1ka is used to conduct surge impact tests on surge protection devices such as arrester resistors, varistors, discharge tubes, spd, tvs, etc. the product produces 8/20us surge pulse waveform, and the technical indicators of the waveform comply with national standards and iec standards. the product has passed the ministerial appraisal, and its main technical performance is in the leading position in china, reaching the advanced technology of similar international products.

product features

  • ▪ 7 inch color touch screen;
  • ▪ support multi language, convenient for different users;
  • ▪ various waveforms can be expanded according to customer needs;
  • ▪ built in environment automatic detection program, automatically detect the test environment and remind users;
  • ▪ built in international standard grade parameters, easy and fast operation;
  • ▪ self calibration function to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;
  • ▪ rs232 interface, optional pc control software operation.

product parameters

  • product model:

    maximum output current

    surge polarity

    short-circuit current

    surge triggering mode


    interval time

    working power supply

    ambient temperature

  • sur 1ka


    positive, negative, positive before negative, negative before positive

    5a~ 1ka±10%

    automatic, manual

    1 ~ 9999 times


    ac220v 50/60hz

    15 ℃~35 ℃

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