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single phase 20a voltage dips generator

support multi language, convenient for different users

single phase 20a voltage dips generator

product overview

voltage dips/sags, short interruptions are caused by failures of the power grid and power facilities or sudden large changes in loads. in some cases, there will be two or more consecutive dips or interruptions. voltage changes are caused by continuous changes in the loads connected to the grid. if the eut cannot respond in time to changes in the power supply voltage, it may cause malfunctions. voltage dips generators are used to evaluate the performance of electrical and electronic equipment when subjected to voltage dips/sags, short interruptions, and voltage changes. products fully meet the requirements of standards iec/en 61000-4-11 and gb/t17626.11.

product features

  • ▪ user friendly 7” color touch panel display
  • ▪ support multi-language & facilitate users
  • ▪ built-in environment self-test program
  • ▪ programmable operation
  • ▪ pre-programmed iec standard test levels, easy to operate
  • ▪ rs232/usb interface, pc control operation & printable test report

product parameters

  • model

    voltage variation range

    voltage change duration

    switching phase

    built-in standard test level

    fall/rise time

    voltage changes in the number of repeats

    interval cycle of voltage variation

    voltage dips mode

    eut capacity

    power supply

    ambient temperature

  • vdt s20


    1~9999 half cycle (hc)

    0~359°synchronous, asynchronous, or automatic

    0%, 40%, 70%, 80%, 120%

    1μs~5μs for abrupt changes


    1~9999 half cycle (hc)

    freely set

    1 phase, 20a

    ac220v 50/60hz


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