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single phase 8kv lightning surge generator sur s8

support multi language, convenient for different users

single phase 8kv lightning surge generator sur s8

product overview

the impact of lightning (indirect lightning) in nature and voltage changes caused by large switch switching in power supply lines on power supply lines and communication lines is particularly large, and the impact on products may be destructive. the lightning surge generator is used to evaluate the performance of the equipment when it is subjected to high-energy disturbance from the power line port and other signal line ports. the product meets the requirements of new standards such as iec61000-4-5 and gb/t17626.5.

product features

  • ▪ 7 inch color touch screen;
  • ▪ support multi language, convenient for different users;
  • ▪ built in environment automatic detection program, automatically detect the test environment and remind users;
  • ▪ built in international standard grade parameters, easy and fast operation;
  • ▪ built in voltage and current probes, convenient for users to detect the output waveform;
  • ▪ self calibration function to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;
  • ▪ rs232 interface, optional pc control software operation.

product parameters

  • product model:

    surge waveform

    open circuit voltage

    short-circuit current

    surge polarity

    phase angle

    programmable test program

    output impedance

    coupling / decoupling network

    surge coupling mode


    interval time

    working power supply

    ambient temperature

  • sur s8

    voltage wave: 1.2/50 main 20%us current wave: 8/20 main 20%us

    0.2~8kv main 5%


    positive, negative, positive / negative, negative / positive, alternating positive and negative,

    0~360 ° synchronous or asynchronous make-up 1 °

    built in iec standard, user-defined, programming, up to 40 groups

    2q (common mode 12q2)

    built in, single-phase three wire, 16a, 50hz/60hz

    differential mode 18uf/2q, common mode 9uf /10q

    1 ~ 9999 times


    ac220v±10%; 50/60hz 150w

    temperature: 15 ℃ ~35 ° ℃; relative humidity 10%-70%

product recommendation