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30kv electrostatic discharge generator

support multi language, convenient for different users

30kv electrostatic discharge generator

product overview

electrostatic discharge is a common natural phenomenon (when a charged object approaches or contacts a conductor, the charge will be transferred, which is electrostatic discharge). electrostatic discharge has a pervasive impact on electrical and electronic equipment, devices or systems, and is a kind of electromagnetic energy with a very high degree of harm. only by improving the anti-static ability of electronic products can we ensure the safe use of electronics. the electrostatic discharge generator independently developed by our company is used to evaluate the performance of electrical and electronic equipment, devices or systems subjected to electrostatic discharge. the product meets the requirements of new standards such as iec61000-4-2 and gb/t17626.2.

product features

  • ▪ 7-inch touch screen operation;
  • ▪ support multi language, convenient for different users;
  • ▪ built in environment automatic detection program, automatically detect the test environment and remind users;
  • ▪ programmable operation, realizing the setting function with one key;
  • ▪ built in international standard grade parameters, easy and fast operation;
  • ▪ the discharge module can be easily replaced to meet the test requirements of different standards;

product parameters

  • product model

    output voltage

    output voltage polarity

    energy storage capacitance

    discharge resistance

    rise time of discharge current

    air discharge holding time

    discharge mode

    discharge mode

    trigger mode

    working mode

    discharge interval

    discharge times

    equipment working power supply

    ambient temperature

  • esd 30k


    positive, negative, positive before negative, negative before positive


    three thousand three hundred and two



    contact discharge, air discharge

    single discharge, continuous discharge

    automatic, manual and gun body control

    iec level mode, programming mode, voltage ramp up mode



    ac220v ± 10%,50/60hz

    15c~35 ℃

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