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advantages and advantages of lightning surge generator that you haven’t touched
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most people only know what work the lightning surge generator does and what benefits it can bring to us in the process of using the lightning surge generator, but many people don’t know the advantages of the lightning surge generator when using it. today, shanghai suoshen editor will tell you about the advantages of the lightning surge generator.

first of all, the biggest characteristic of lightning surge is that the energy is particularly large, so to prevent its harm, the scheme of filtering and absorption only by ordinary filter and ferrite core is basically invalid, and special surge suppression devices such as gas discharge tube, varistor, silicon transient absorption diode and semiconductor discharge tube must be used. lightning surge generator is just applicable.

advantages of using lightning surge generator 1. lcd display, built-in computer control, man-machine dialogue, simple operation. 2. program controlled high-voltage power supply, voltage stability and high accuracy. 3. imported non inductive high-power resistors are used to ensure the consistency of surge waveform. 4. the main switch adopts imported switch to ensure stable waveform, strong comparability and long service life. 5. positive or negative automatic switching, positive and negative polarity can be switched alternately during the test. 6. rs-232 communication interface can be used for remote control, and measurement and control system software can be selected.

at the same time, when lightning surge occurs, lightning surge generator can well protect the circuit. when the switching power supply has overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, phase loss or load asymmetry, the protection circuit stops the switching power supply to protect the load and the switching power supply itself. detect the output voltage, compare it with the reference voltage, and then adjust the regulation and frequency, so as to control the converter to maintain the stability of the output voltage.


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