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the importance of wearing antistatic shoes when using electrostatic discharge generators
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as we all know, some ground wires of electrostatic discharge generator are impedance and some are not. the purpose of ground wire of electrostatic discharge generator is to connect a conductive surface to the place with equal potential with the power supply ground. “hard ground” is directly connected to the ground with a ground wire without additional resistance; the resistance between the power ground and the common point contact is basically 0 ω. “soft ground” is a ground wire with internal series resistance, with a typical value of 1m. the purpose of this design is to limit the injury current that may be generated when the operator is exposed to 110v and the maximum 250v environment.

the staff must wear anti-static shoes on both feet when operating the equipment. because static electricity will occur through friction during walking, anti-static shoes only work when they are worn correctly and connected with conductive floor or consumable ground. if you use anti-static shoes correctly and are closely connected with the electrostatic discharge generator floor, the charge on your body will leak to the ground. therefore, the voltage of the network formed between people and the ground is the same, but as soon as you lift your feet with anti-static shoes, you will recharge, either induced by your clothes, or generated by friction and lifting your feet. so when you are close to a moving object, you must wear anti-static shoes on both feet.

there is no need to connect 1m resistance between the machine and the ground. 1m resistance is used to protect human body; during operation, refer to the grounding requirements of the manufacturer on the machine or equipment.

the shipping boxes with circuit boards inside need to be covered, because the ones with covers on the shipping boxes can provide strong enough shielding for the circuit boards inside. these shipping boxes can not only provide mechanical integrity for general purposes, but also provide the safety of electrostatic discharge generators inside


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