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how to deal with the incompatibility of lightning surge tester in insulation withstand voltage test
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in our daily use of lightning surge tester, everyone will encounter the problem that the lightning surge tester is incompatible with the insulation and voltage withstand test. this situation does exist. many users do not know how to deal with this problem, which not only wastes their own time, but also wastes the test time, today, shanghai suoshen electronic editor will tell you about the specific reasons for the incompatibility of lightning surge tester in insulation and withstand voltage test.

a long time ago, a customer asked the editor that the lightning surge tester was incompatible with the insulation withstand voltage test. the lightning surge tester test could pass, but the safety regulation could not pass. if the safety regulation could pass, the lightning surge tester could not pass.

when doing surge test, it is often necessary to add protective devices such as varistors, gas discharge tubes, tvs, etc., but after adding these protections, the voltage withstand test cannot pass. can you remove these devices when doing insulation voltage withstand test? is there a method that can pass both surge and voltage withstand test?

this is indeed a problem. in the industrial control computer of the power industry, a lightning protection filter board is added at the power port. the “discharge ground” of the discharge tube is not directly connected with the pg of the three core power line, but through external cables. that is, when doing surge test, connect pg directly with the discharge ground. when doing safety test, disconnect the discharge ground from pg, so at that time, i suggested the customer to make a physical switch to open when testing withstand voltage and close when testing lightning strike.

in response to the customer’s questions, i also checked the relevant information. it is stated in iec60950 safety test that those protective devices should be removed during voltage withstand test.


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