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how to maintain the electrostatic gun?
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how to maintain the electrostatic gun? presumably, many people don’t know how to make maintenance plans for electrostatic guns. today, i’ll tell you how to make maintenance plans for electrostatic guns and how to maintain electrostatic guns

maintenance method of electrostatic gun

1. requirements for power supply and air source of electrostatic gun

① the power supply must be grounded and fully grounded. the transformer must be well grounded. check whether the grounding wire knob is tightened before each use.

②the air source used must be effectively filtered. sometimes a secondary filter is required. the filter should be cleaned in time. otherwise: particles of water, oil and dust / dust will enter the ion generation chamber and adhere to the inner wall of plastic parts. when it accumulates to a certain extent, the ion needle will ignite it. results the plastic parts gradually formed honeycomb coke loss, and the amount of ion exclusion gradually decreased; in particular, there are potential safety hazards.

2. adjustment of electrostatic removal effect of electrostatic gun

①the effect of removing static electricity is inversely proportional to the air pressure. the air pressure should be 0.3mpa-0.7mpa.

②the distance and angle between the gun head, air nozzle and the electrostatic field affect the effect of static electricity, and attention should be paid to debugging until satisfactory.

3. routine maintenance of electrostatic gun

①the wind gun / nozzle is easy to break. pay attention to collision prevention when using the air gun and fall prevention after use. even if the air nozzle is fixed, pay attention to prevent objects from collision.

②the air pressure regulating valve of the air gun is moderate, and an appropriate amount of universal anti rust lubricant is added.

③when cleaning the ion needle and ion needle chamber of the ion air gun, absolute alcohol should be used instead of tianna water. when cleaning, first cut off the power, then unscrew the ion air gun (also known as the air accelerator) with a camera, clean the ion needle and the inner cavity of the ion needle chamber with a cotton swab stained with anhydrous alcohol, and clean the internal stains and dirt.

④it is best to add a foot switch to the air supply of the ion air gun, or through the linkage control of the solenoid valve and mechanical action, which can not only improve the use effect, but also prolong the service life.


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