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pay attention to the precautions for the use of lightning surge generator
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each device has its own independent precautions for use, and lightning surge generator is no exception. however, xiaobian found that many people often ignored some precautions for the use of lightning surge generator equipment in the process of using lightning surge generator, resulting in frequent failures of equipment for a long time and affecting the progress of work, so we should pay attention to it. today, xiaobian will tell you about the precautions for the use of lightning surge generator.

precautions for use of lightning surge generator

1. lightning surge generator testers must be trained and qualified before equipment operation. do not use this equipment when your hands are wet or the relative humidity exceeds 75%;

2. because there are high-voltage pulses added to the output terminals (such as 2w, 500w, l1, l2, l3 and other ports), if the wiring is changed, it must be confirmed that the high-voltage power supply is disconnected before proceeding;

3. f.g. terminal of lightning surge generator shall be well grounded;

4. lightning surge generator uses high-voltage mercury switch to generate high-voltage pulse. it is strictly forbidden to carry out the test when the equipment is tilted. do not disassemble or open the enclosure at will. in case of emergency, press the emergency key, and the instrument will quickly stop the surge output, turn off the internal high-voltage, and quickly cut off the power supply;

5. in order to ensure the comparability and repeatability of lightning surge generator test, the test configuration must be standardized, and non relevant personnel are strictly forbidden to operate this instrument

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