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analysis of emc market in china
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electromagnetic compatibility (emc) refers to the ability of equipment or system to meet the requirements in its electromagnetic environment and not produce unbearable electromagnetic interference to any equipment in its environment. during the normal operation of the equipment, the electromagnetic interference to the environment cannot exceed a certain limit, and the appliance has a certain degree of immunity to the electromagnetic interference in the environment.



shangpu consulting industry analysts pointed out that with the development of the world’s industrial level, the requirements for emc equipment and application technology are higher and higher, and the demand is increasing. at present, the scientific research, design and application level of emc industry in china has been greatly improved, and new technologies and products have been vigorously developed and produced.

due to the late start of emc technology in china, it lags behind the united states, germany and other countries. electromagnetic interference causes the performance of electrical and electronic products to decline, and the phenomenon that they cannot work also occurs from time to time, which can cause serious quality accidents, equipment damage and other incalculable losses. emc technology involves electronics, computers, communications, aerospace, railway transportation, electric power and military. therefore, to accelerate the development of emc in china, we need to start from many aspects, balance the development of the system, and engage in research, development, integration, sales and services.

under the continuous application of high and new technology in electronics, motors, information, communications and other products, the issue of electromagnetic compatibility not only requires the communication quality of users, but also under the active development of relevant norms and regulations by governments of various countries, which highlights the importance and urgency of issues related to electromagnetic compatibility. at present, the standards of all countries in the world are quite different. in order to promote the innovation and development of emc products in china, china should also be in line with international standards as soon as possible, issue new industry standards, and carry out necessary emc testing in the development process, which will greatly contribute to the stability of product performance and the improvement of quality.

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