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have you learned how to operate the burst generator correctly?
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as we all know, the burst generator is a circuit, such as from the switching transient process (cutting off inductive load, relay contact bouncing off, etc.), which will usually interfere with other electrical and electronic equipment in the same circuit. this kind of interference is characterized by high amplitude, short rise time, high repetition rate and low energy. clusters of narrow pulses can charge the junction capacitance of semiconductor devices, which may cause circuit or equipment errors when accumulated to a certain extent. the burst generator determines a common reproducible evaluation basis for evaluating the performance of power supply ports, signal, control and grounding ports of electrical and electronic equipment when disturbed by electrical fast transient bursts.

before using the pulse group generator, ensure that the fg terminal on the back of the generator is reliably connected to the reference grounding plate before the test. before starting the machine, turn the voltage setting knob counterclockwise to the end. when wiring before the test, wiring should be carried out when the pulse group generator is not working. test configuration and layout should be carried out according to the requirements of relevant standards. check the wiring, and connect to the power grid after confirming that the wiring is correct, and then start the machine.

if you want to adjust the parameters of the pulse group (test voltage, polarity, etc.) during the test of the pulse group generator, press the “stop” key to stop the test, and then adjust it; in case of disassembly / wiring during the test, you should press the “stop” key to stop the test, and turn the voltage knob counterclockwise to the end before you can operate. i hope you can gain from the above knowledge


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