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brief analysis on the application scope of pulse group generator
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the pulse group generator is mainly used in the electrostatic discharge test of anti human body metal model of system level electronic equipment such as mobile phones and computers, including electrostatic generator and electrostatic discharge gun the output of the electrostatic generator in the electrostatic discharge generator can be positive or negative. some of them can be converted. their voltage bipolar high-precision output is continuously adjustable

the pulse group generator is suitable for esd protection. generally, devices with working voltage greater than or equal to the normal working voltage of the circuit are selected. tvs diodes are connected in parallel with the protected circuit. when the transient voltage exceeds the normal working voltage of the circuit, the diode avalanches, providing a path for the transient current, so that the internal circuit is protected from the breakdown of excess voltage or overheating and burning of excess current due to the large junction area of tvs diode, it has the advantage of discharging large transient current and has ideal protection effect. but at the same time, it must be noted that the large junction area causes the increase of junction capacitance, so it is not suitable for the protection of high-frequency signal circuit the improved tvs diode also has the characteristics of adapting to low-voltage circuits (< 5v), and has high packaging integration. it is suitable for use when the area of printed circuit board is tight these characteristics determine that it has a wide range of applications, especially in the interface circuit of high-end portable equipment


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