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three ways of esd tester
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esd tester is used to evaluate the performance of electrical and electronic equipment, devices or systems when subjected to electrostatic discharge. esd tester fully meets the requirements of the latest standards such as iec61000-4-2 and gb/t17626.2.

esd tester mode

electrostatic discharge can be generally divided into three types: machine device discharge, furniture discharge and human body discharge. the brief description is as follows:

the discharge mode of the machine device is easy to occur in the automatic control process. when the energy accumulates to a certain extent, the electrostatic generated by the friction between the insulated metal components and the insulator in the automatic machine, or the friction of the insulating liquid or high-pressure gas, forms a discharge to the adjacent area.

furniture discharge usually occurs in the friction between metal furniture and insulating objects, such as pulling furniture on a carpet or plastic floor, or when people stand up from a chair and instantly generate static electricity.

the discharge mode of the human body is static electricity generated by the action friction of the human body. for example, when we wear rubber shoes and walk on the carpet, the carpet is positively charged due to friction, and the rubber shoelaces are negatively charged. at this time, the soles of the human feet will be induced to be positively charged and the upper body will be negatively charged. at this time, if we touch the semiconductor electronic components by hand, it will cause damage to the components.

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