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it is more important to maintain the small and large parts of the burst generator
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the burst generator can be used in electrical fast transient burst immunity test. it has good transient pulse waveform, high pulse repetition rate (the highest frequency can reach 2mhz), stable performance, convenient operation, and fully conforms to the latest iec standard iec61000-4-4, european electrical standard (en61000-4-4), and national standard (gb/t17626.4). it is an ideal interference source for electromagnetic compatibility test it adopts 7-inch color touch screen for display and control, which is intelligent and efficient. the user can edit the test program by himself, and the instrument automatically completes the test according to the predetermined program. the test voltage, phase, cycle, number of pulses, frequency, automatic cruise setting and automatic detection are convenient for finding the failure sensitive points of the tested samples. pulse swarm generator is any kind of product that has a service life. it needs correct operation and maintenance in use, so as not to cause damage to the machine. so how should the burst generator be maintained?

when maintaining the pulse group generator, it is best to overhaul the whole equipment. the small parts can be overhauled every day, and the large parts can be inspected once a week. this is also to prolong the service life of the pulse group generator.

sometimes it is necessary to stop work when maintaining the burst generator. in case of special tests, you’d better overhaul the pulse group generator equipment in advance and replace the damaged parts in time, so as to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

sometimes, the purpose of maintenance is to protect, prevent the occurrence of faults, and protect the normal operation. in our daily life, we must use according to the standard use method, care for and protect the pulse group generator equipment we use, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses.


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