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what factors should be considered when selecting electrostatic discharge generator
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many people choose electrostatic discharge generator equipment blindly when they choose to buy electrostatic discharge generator, which naturally leads to frequent failures during use after purchase, so what factors should be taken into account when we choose electrostatic discharge generator to avoid buying a bad electrostatic discharge generator equipment? let’s talk about it today.

when selecting an electrostatic discharge generator, it is necessary to consider the output voltage, polarity, output current and accuracy. for general electrostatic dust removal, electrostatic spraying, etc., the accuracy (10%) of the general accuracy is enough. the electrostatic discharge generator for electrostatic dust removal should have a larger current, usually a few ma or even hundreds of ma. generally, it is required to work in a dusty and high humidity environment for many years without maintenance. the electrostatic discharge generator should be selected, it is mainly used in factories.

for electrostatic spraying and electrostatic field application, the optional current of several hundred microamps is enough, and the electrostatic discharge generator can be selected.

if it is used to calibrate electrostatic voltmeters or scientific research, it requires electrostatic discharge generators with high accuracy (better than 1%) and positive and negative polarity or positive and negative polarity can be converted at the same time. they are bipolar high-precision output and continuously adjustable.

it can be used in the laboratory with high precision and continuous adjustment.

now you know how to choose electrostatic discharge generator


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