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impact of lightning surge on electronic equipment
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everyone should know the existence of lightning surge generator, which is mainly used to evaluate the impact immunity test of equipment connected between railway signal equipment and power line. what impact will lightning surge have on electronic equipment? let’s talk about lightning surge generator manufacturers

the time of lightning surge is very short, about picosecond. when surge occurs, the amplitude of voltage and current exceeds more than twice the normal value. because the input filter capacitor charges rapidly, the peak current is much larger than the steady-state input current. the power supply should limit the surge level that ac switch, rectifier bridge, fuse and emi filter can withstand. repeatedly switch the loop, and the ac input voltage should not damage the power supply or cause the fuse to blow out

1. voltage fluctuation. under normal working conditions, the machine and equipment will stop or start automatically. there are air conditioners, compressors, elevators, pumps or motors in the electrical equipment, and the computer control system often has no reason to reset. the motor is often replaced or rewound. the service life of electrical equipment is shortened due to failure, reset or voltage problems.

2. damage to equipment. voltage breaks down semiconductor devices, destroys the metallized surface of components, destroys the printed circuit board printed circuit or contact point, and destroys the three terminal double thyristor element / thyristor.

3. cause interference to the equipment. locked, thyristor or three terminal bidirectional thyristor element out of control, partial destruction of data files, error of data processing program, error and failure of receiving and transmitting data, premature aging, premature aging of parts and components, greatly shortening the service life of electrical appliances, and degradation of output sound quality and image quality.

the above is the lightning surge generator manufacturer to explain to you the impact of lightning surge on electronic equipment


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