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division of experimental grade of lightning surge tester
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test method of lightning surge tester:

the cause of lightning surge tester is switching transient and lightning transient of power system; the purpose of surge immunity test is to establish a common benchmark to evaluate the performance of electrical and electronic equipment under surge (impact). according to the general requirements of standard iec61000-4-5 surge impulse immunity test, the lightning surge generator simulates 1.2/50us voltage waveform, 8/20us current waveform and combined wave (voltage waveform: 10/700us, current waveform: 5/320us), and couples the waveform to the circuit under test through the coupling network, which has achieved the experimental purpose. soxin electronic emc laboratory is able to provide customers with surge test solutions of various combined waveforms.

lightning surge tester test level:

the test levels of lightning surge tester are divided into levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and x according to the severity of voltage, of which x and are open levels. the corresponding voltage intensity of each level is shown in table 1. the application scope of severity level depends on the environment (environment subject to surge possibility) and installation conditions. it is generally classified according to the following conditions: level 1: better protected environment, such as the control room of the factory or power station. level 2: a certain protected environment, such as a factory without strong interference. level 3: ordinary electromagnetic disturbance environment, without special installation requirements for equipment, such as ordinary installed cable network, industrial workplace and substation. level 4: severely disturbed environment, such as civil overhead lines and unprotected high-voltage substations. level x: special level, which shall be determined after negotiation between the user and the manufacturer. the level of specific products is generally determined by product standards.

test results of lightning surge tester:

the lightning surge tester test is a destructive test, which can be divided into the following situations according to the damage degree of the tested object:

a) the performance is normal within the limits specified by the manufacturer, the client or the buyer

b) the function or performance is temporarily lost or reduced, but it can recover automatically after the disturbance stops without operator intervention;

c) the function or performance is temporarily lost or reduced, but it can be recovered only after the intervention of the operator;

d) unrecoverable function loss or performance degradation caused by equipment hardware or software damage or data loss.


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