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precautions for use of electrostatic gun
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in the process of using electrostatic guns, we still need to pay more attention to the use of electrostatic gun equipment. today, i will tell you about the precautions for the use of electrostatic guns

precautions for use of electrostatic gun

electrostatic gun dedusting is mainly to combine the static electricity on the surface of product objects through ionic wind, eliminate their adsorption force caused by static electricity, and finally achieve the purpose of dedusting. many users do not understand this principle, and adjust the air pressure to the maximum or even limit. in this way, because the wind speed is too fast and rubs against the product surface, not only the effect of removing static electricity is not good, but also the effect of dedusting is not ideal, which is generally suitable at 0.4mpa, there is also too much humidity in the compressed air, so it is not dried. when small particles of dust encounter moisture, they stick more firmly to the surface. at this time, it is difficult to achieve the ideal effect of dust removal by using electrostatic gun alone. purification treatment must be done, which undoubtedly increases the production cost. it is recommended to dry and filter the compressed air.

the electrostatic gun can be used only when it is equipped with a power supply. the power supply increases the 220v or 110v input voltage to 4.6kv, and then connects it to the ion needle at the head of the ion wind gun through high-voltage wires. a strong electric field is generated between the ion needle and the gun head, ionizing air molecules through high-voltage corona discharge at the tip, and a large number of positive and negative ions are generated at the tip of the ion needle. then blow the ions to the surface of the charged object through compressed air. when the surface of the charged object is at a positive potential, the negative ions will sum, on the contrary, if the surface is at a negative potential, the positive ions will sum, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity. at the same time, the high-speed compressed air can also blow away the dust on the object.

electrostatic precipitator gun is simple and convenient, which is favored by many people. the above is the working principle and precautions of the electrostatic gun summarized by comfort 100. if you feel that the use effect is poor in the process of use, you can achieve a good dust removal effect by comparing the above analysis and understanding the working principle and precautions of the electrostatic gun.


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