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notice on the arrangement of the “new year’s day” holiday in 2016
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2015 is about to pass, and a new 2016 is coming to us. thank you for accompanying industrial control china through 2015. we will welcome 2016 with more comprehensive, professional and considerate services.

the spring breeze comes overnight, and the flowers are beautiful on new year’s day. according to the notice of the general office of the state council and in combination with the actual situation of our company, we hereby notify you of the new year’s day holiday in 2016 as follows:

it is a three-day holiday from january 1 (friday) to january 3 (sunday) in 2016, and it is normal to work on january 4 (monday) in 2016.

here, all employees of suoshen electronics wish you: smooth sailing in january, good luck in february, sunny days in march, peace in all directions in april, five blessings in may, smooth sailing in june, seven stars in july, wealth in august, everything in september, perfect in october, good luck in january and november, and happiness in december! i wish you a happy new year and a happy new year!


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