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the 16th china industrial expo will open in november
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from november 4 to 8, 2014, the 16th china international industry expo (hereinafter referred to as “china international industry expo”) will be grandly unveiled in shanghai new international expo center. the exhibition scale of more than 170000 square meters of the eight major professional exhibitions of the 16th china industry expo will hit a new record. by the end of august, 6873 booths had been booked by more than 1800 exhibitors at home and abroad. according to preliminary statistics, among the registered exhibitors, overseas exhibitors account for 32.1%, 29% of exhibitors are from shanghai, and 38.9% of exhibitors are from provinces and cities across the country outside shanghai. japan, germany, the united states, switzerland, italy, taiwan and other manufacturing developed countries and regions will organize groups to participate in the exhibition.

as a very influential international industrial brand exhibition in china, this china industrial expo will focus on the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, display advanced manufacturing technologies at home and abroad, provide industrial solutions, and promote the development of emerging industries. siemens, abb, kuka, yaskawa electric, germany tongkuai, japan tiantian, mazak, hitachi, qinchuan machine tool, chery automobile, huawei and other well-known leading manufacturing enterprises will launch their first new products on the scene. panasonic, otc, sap and other first-time exhibitors have also rented a large area of booths to attack. it is expected that the current china industry expo will attract more than 110000 professional visitors and reproduce the grand occasion of attracting worldwide attention and attracting thousands of businessmen.

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