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application of electrostatic discharge generator in electrostatic immunity test
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with the wide application of microelectronic components, electrostatic hazards have become increasingly prominent. before entering the market, electronic and electrical products need to be tested for electrostatic immunity, mainly to avoid electrostatic interference during the use of electronic products.

when electronic products encounter the interference of static electricity, the following situations generally occur: the crash can not be restarted, the crash can return to normal after restart, and the functionality is abnormal. all these indicate that the electrostatic immunity of the product is not good.

in this case, we will use electrostatic discharge generator to detect the electrostatic immunity of products. for civil electronic products, we generally recommend 20kv electrostatic gun. in gbt17626.2 standard, the highest level of air discharge is 15kv, so 20kv is enough for us.

when doing the electrostatic immunity test, we should hold the electrostatic gun in hand and conduct the incremental discharge test vertically to the tested object during the test. if the above situations occur during the test, we will judge that the electrostatic immunity test of the tested object is unqualified, and then make corresponding adjustments.


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