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the 20th china international power supply exhibition 2014
release time: 2014-11-02views: 474

time: 2014-11-04-2014-11-08

venue: shanghai new international expo center

exhibition city: shanghai

exhibition category: electronic power

other information:; general exhibitions;; a year;

exhibit scope: power supply complete machine:

all kinds of switching power supply, ups, photovoltaic power inverter, wind power converter, led lighting drive power supply, all kinds of charging power supply, adapter, machine room power supply system, communication power supply, power operation power supply, general ac power supply, general dc power supply, variable frequency power supply (inverter), oil engine power generation, railway, finance, aerospace, lighting, high voltage and other special power products;

power supply supporting products:

all kinds of power supply components (diodes / rectifiers, thyristors, igbt/mos tubes, resistors, capacitors, etc.), power ic, magnetic materials, transformers, instruments and meters, testing aging equipment, electromagnetic compatibility equipment and technology, heat dissipation equipment, hardware, shells, wires, terminals, adhesives, insulating materials and other power supply supporting products.

electronic transformer and supporting products:

all kinds of power equipment transformers, inductors, power frequency, medium frequency, high frequency transformers, inductors, transformer testing instruments and special production equipment, magnetic materials and devices and various supporting products

introduction to the exhibition: china international power supply exhibition and china electronic transformer exhibition (hereinafter referred to as china power supply exhibition and cpsexpo) hosted by china power supply society began in 1995. after 19 years and 27 exhibitions, they have become an annual grand gathering in the power industry and have a wide influence in the industry.

over the years, adhering to the principles of specialization, internationalization and branding, we have been constantly exploring and innovating. with the rich social resources and influence of china power supply society, the exhibition has been supported by many relevant industry organizations. at the same time, we also actively seek cooperation with relevant foreign institutions to improve the internationalization of the exhibition, promote international exchanges and cooperation, and build a broader stage for enterprises.

as one of the theme exhibitions, it is jointly organized with china industrial exhibition – china international industrial expo

china international industrial expo (hereinafter referred to as “china international industrial expo”) is a top-level event in china’s international equipment manufacturing industry, which is co sponsored by the national development and reform commission, the ministry of commerce, the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of science and technology, the ministry of education, the chinese academy of sciences, the chinese academy of engineering, the china council for the promotion of international trade and the shanghai municipal people’s government. it is held in shanghai every november with strong government support.

exhibition advantages

★ the most professional power exhibition

it is the only professional exhibition of power supply in china. it is an important platform for power supply enterprises to display the latest products and exchange the latest technology. it is also the most intuitive window for all industries to understand the latest situation of domestic power supply development. power enterprises show their style to customers through the platform built by the institute, and have been receiving continuous attention from relevant industries.

★ the most comprehensive power supply exhibition

as one of the theme exhibitions of the china international industrial exposition and other eight major professional exhibitions: machine tools, automation, environmental protection, information and communication, new energy and electric power, energy saving and new energy vehicles, industrial robots, etc., it has become the largest industrial exhibition in china covering almost the whole industrial field. the exhibition area is more than 150000 square meters, with nearly 2000 exhibitors from 23 countries and more than 100000 professional visitors from 83 countries / regions. it has truly achieved multi exhibition linkage, integrated the whole upstream and downstream industrial chain, and directly provided potential customers for power supply and supporting product enterprises.


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