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the 13th emc exhibition 2014
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as an international professional exhibition covering the entire emc/emi industry chain, shanghai international electromagnetic compatibility exhibition has become an annual event with great influence in china’s electromagnetic compatibility industry. the 13th emc/china 2014 exhibition will be held in the conference room of west hall of shanghai everbright convention and exhibition center (88 caobao road / near caobao road subway) from october 29 to 31, 2014.
emc/china is a professional international event in the field of electromagnetic compatibility technology and safety regulation certification, which is held in shanghai; since it was held, it has been well received in the emc industry at home and abroad, and has become a recognized professional emc event in the industry, which is irreplaceable by other exhibitions; it has been strongly supported by relevant government departments and industry associations and widely reported by domestic and foreign media.
with the concept of “professionalism and innovation”, emc/china attracts emc technology leading enterprises from china, the united states, germany, switzerland, japan, france, canada, south korea, singapore and other countries to gather in shanghai, china, a market favored by the world.
from october 29 to 31, 2014, emc/china 2014 will be held in shanghai everbright convention and exhibition center. the organizer will further enhance the scale and specialization of the exhibition based on years of professional experience. it is believed that the holding of emc/china 2014 exhibition will promote the development of china’s emc and safety certification industry and bring unlimited business opportunities to exhibitors and professional users at home and abroad.


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