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power facilities

power facilities

program overview

the on-board charger is built in the new energy vehicle, which is used to charge the on-board high-voltage battery from the ac grid when parking. the battery used is usually more than 400v, and is developing towards higher voltage and higher number of battery strings. in order to realize a faster and lighter vehicle charging scheme, the new trend of charging power is upgraded from 6.6kw to 11kw. generally, the current flows from the grid to the battery in one direction, but there are also two-way flow design schemes. nano chip micro provides complete solutions for isolation voltage, isolation current detection, isolation drive and isolation communication, helping customers achieve higher power density obc solutions.

main criteria

  • gb/t7349

    iec62052-11/gb/t 17215.211

    gb/t 17215.301-2007

    gb/t 17215.321-2008

    gb/t 17215.322-2008

    gb/t 17215.323-2008

  • 《measurement method of radio interference of high voltage overhead transmission lines and substations》

    《general requirements, tests and test conditions for alternating current measuring equipment part 11: measuring equipment》

    《special requirements for multifunctional watt hour meters》

    《special requirements for ac measuring equipment part 21 static active energy meters (classes 1 and 2)》

    《special requirements for ac measuring equipment part 22 static active watt hour meter (class 0.2s and class 0.5s)》

    《special requirements for ac measuring equipment part 23 static reactive energy meters (classes 2 and 3)》

test items

ems test item 10

▪ electrostatic discharge immunity, contact discharge 8kv, air discharge 15kv
▪ rf electric field radiation immunity, maximum test field strength 30v/m
▪ electrical fast transient burst immunity, maximum test level 4kv
▪ surge (impact) immunity, maximum test level 4kv
▪ rf conducted disturbance immunity, maximum test level 10v
▪ power frequency magnetic field immunity, maximum test field strength 0.5mt
▪ attenuation oscillation wave immunity, maximum test level 2.5kv

ems test item 10

▪ conducted disturbance voltage, 150khz-30mhz, qp/av
▪ radiated electromagnetic disturbance, 150khz-30mhz, qp

other industry solutions

shanghai suoshen electronics is widely used in many industries, such as medical treatment, automotive electronics, home appliances, lighting, electrical appliances, power supply, power facilities and so on

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