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led lighting

led lighting

program overview

at present, if constant dc power supply is adopted for led lighting lamps, which are more and more widely used, it is theoretically possible to achieve constant lighting without stroboscopic. but in fact, due to the lack of industry standards, the market competition is fierce and disordered, and the market is full of low-quality led lamps, especially indoor low-power led lamps, which also have stroboscopic problems. in order to obtain a pure constant current source, the led driving power supply is the key to ensure that the led lamp does not flash. at present, led power supply can fully meet the requirements of no stroboscopic.

main criteria

  • cispr 15/gb 17743

    iec 61547/gb t 18595

    iec 61000-3-2/gb 17625.1

    iec 61000-3-3/gb 17625.2

    energy star program requirements

    iec 62493/gb t31275

  • 《limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment》

    《electromagnetic compatibility immunity requirements for general lighting equipment》

    《electromagnetic compatibility limit harmonic current emission limit (equipment input current ≤ 16a per phase)》

    《electromagnetic compatibility limit limits the voltage change, voltage fluctuation and flicker of equipment with rated current ≤ 16a per phase and unconditionally connected in the public low-voltage power supply system》

    product specification for lamps(light bulbs) v1.0

    《evaluation of electromagnetic radiation of lighting equipment on human body》

test items

ems test item

▪ electrostatic discharge immunity, contact discharge 4kv, air discharge 8kv
▪ rf electric field radiation immunity, maximum test field strength 3v/m
▪ electrical fast transient burst immunity, maximum test level 1kv
▪ electrical fast transient burst immunity, maximum test level 1kv
▪ rf conducted disturbance immunity, maximum test level 3v
▪ power frequency magnetic field immunity, test field strength 3a/m
▪ voltage sag, short-time interruption and voltage variation immunity, according to iec61000-4-11
▪ ringing wave immunity, according to iec61000-4-12

ems test item

▪ conducted disturbance voltage, 9khz-30mhz, qp/av
▪ magnetic induction current, 9khz-30mhz, qp/av
▪ radiated electric field disturbance or common mode terminal voltage of cdn method, 30mhz-300mhz, qp
▪ harmonic current emission test according to iec 61000-3-2
▪ voltage fluctuation and flicker test according to iec 61000-3-3
▪ electromagnetic radiation of lighting equipment to human body shall be tested according to gb t31275

other industry solutions

shanghai suoshen electronics is widely used in many industries, such as medical treatment, automotive electronics, home appliances, lighting, electrical appliances, power supply, power facilities and so on

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