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communication equipment

communication equipment

program overview

in recent years, economic development has promoted the improvement of china's scientific and technological level. with the progress and development of science and technology, communication tools have become more and more developed. at present, interphone, pager, wireless phone and other communication tools have increased sharply, forming an all-weather and all-round communication network, especially in modern enterprises, the lack of radio communication means is unimaginable. these communication tools provide convenience in leadership, command and business contact. however, the electromagnetic wave interference generated by radio communication poses a threat to the production safety and stable operation of enterprises, causing hidden dangers.

main criteria

  • cispr 22/en 55022/gb 9254

    cispr 24/gb/t 17618

  • 《radio disturbance limits and measurement methods for information technology equipment》

    《immunity limits and measurement methods for information technology equipment》

test items

ems test item 7

▪ electrostatic discharge immunity, contact discharge 4kv, air discharge 8kv
▪ rf electric field radiation immunity, maximum test field strength 3v/m
▪ electrical fast transient burst immunity, maximum test level 1kv
▪ surge (impact) immunity, maximum test level 4kv
▪ rf conducted disturbance immunity, maximum test level 3v
▪ power frequency magnetic field immunity, test field strength 1a/m
▪ voltage sag, short-time interruption and voltage variation immunity, according to iec61000-4-11

ems test item 7

▪ conducted disturbance voltage, 150khz-30mhz, qp/av
▪ radiation disturbance, 30mhz-1ghz, qp; 1ghz-6ghz,av/peak

other industry solutions

shanghai suoshen electronics is widely used in many industries, such as medical treatment, automotive electronics, home appliances, lighting, electrical appliances, power supply, power facilities and so on

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